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    Line Up

    Friday, November 7th 2014

    The following bands will perform on friday:

    Furthermore on Friday, November 7th Foundation Jazz Maastricht offers its own program with bands from the region:

    • Rademakers Trio feat. Tim Welvaars en Gé Titulaer (NL/BE)
    • Dr John's Swingtet (NL)
      Daniel Damen (o.v.) – sax,  Jack Coenen – trombone, Jan Huynen (Dr. John) – klarinet, Paul Gerards – gitaar, Jean Haesen - piano; Johannes Vos – contrabas, Ed Huyen - drums. 
    • Labryénco (INT) 
      Alain Labrie - guitar & compositions, Antal Steixner - percussion, Franklin Heilijgers - bass guitar, Jaro Stulrajter - violin, Carlos Denia - vocals.
    • Music Academy Big band (NL) 
      Ineza Kerschkamp – vocal, Stien Carlier, Jung Jae Kim, Jorre Reinders, Jon Sensmeier, Joos Vandueren – saxophones, Sukwoo Choi, Daniel Vanderhoydonks, Dave Vreuls, Nando van Westrienen – trumpets, Dirk Bosmen, Jack Coenen, Jeroen Kleijkers, Gerry Reynders – trombones, Areum Choi – piano, Michail Michailidis – guitar, Eungsuk Lee – acoustic bass, Lenny Steigerwald - drums

    Saturday, November 8th 2014

    Familyday at MJAZZ:

    • Papa Jazz - Swingend kinderprogramma (NL)
    • Workshop instrumenten maken
    • Workshop Bodyclap en Beatbox (v.a. 8 jaar)
    • Workshop mondharmonica "Playing Blues" door Benjamin Harmonica
    • The SLIM Vitzkids bigband (NL)
    • Stef Classens (beste singer songwriter 2014) (NL)
    • United by Music (NL)
    • Smoky Midnight Gang (B)
    • Forum (jeugd) Sessions en de Moezeband (NL)
    • VJ Fenno Werkman met Soundies, Verzoekjes & Cartoons (NL)
    • Musical lectures over 'No Blues No Jazz' en 'Jazz and the Guitar'
    • Catfish (BE)
    • SPECIAL: "All the Kids Jump in".



    • SPECIAL: "ALL THE CATS JUMP IN"  Into the fourties and fifties
      Mrs R&B and the Soul shakers (NL)
      Jump ‘n Jive ft. Tapdancer Peter Kuijt
      Mike Sanchez & Band (GB)




    • Wouter Hamel (NL)Wouter Hamel
      Wouter Hamel plays happy jazz pop. His first two albums 'Hamel' and 'Nobody's Tune' reached a platinum status. 'Hamel is surrounded by a very tight band that 'throws' the songs from the stage with playful enthusiasm' (Volkskrant, Dutch newspaper).

    • Barrelhouse (NL)Barrelhouse
      Mjazz presents the 'oldest' and 'youngest' Dutch blues bands. First we announce: Barrelhouse! A succesful blues band ever since the early 70's. Of course amongst them, the leading lady singer, Tineke Schoemaker.

    • Brazzjazz  ft. Rogerio Souza and Lilian Vieira (INT)Brazzjazz
      This latin project is 'a first' at MJAZZ Festival. Played by 5 qualified musicians from different parts of the world. From Rio de Janeiro: guitarist / composer and arranger Rogerio Souza, an innovator in the styles of choro and samba, and singer Lilian Vieira, known for her samba soul and charismatic stage presence. The other band member are Marijn van der Linden, Udo Demandt and Martin Heap: all European musicians with a Brazilian heart and swing.

    • European Jazz All Stars (INT)European Jazz All Stars
      The European Jazz All Stars is a group leaded by the famous, awarded with many prizes, Dutch vibraphonist/drummer Frits Landesbergen. His group presents some of Europe's finest jazz musicians. Among them: Max Lonata (sax) and Dado Moroni (piano).

    • DJ Sandstorm’s Jazz Mash (NL)
      Dj Sandstorm is the eclectic DJ with the most funky dance music! For a period of two years he had his own weekly radio show "Jazz Mash" at Sublime FM for which he produced unique mixes of soul, funk, jazz and funky dance. He also works for Radio 3FM and Kink FM.

    • Dr. John Swingtet
      Daniel Damen (o.v.) – sax,  Jack Coenen – trombone, Jan Huynen (Dr. John) – klarinet, Paul Gerards – gitaar, Jean Haesen - piano; Johannes Vos – contrabas, Ed Huyen - drums.

    • VJ Fenno Werkman (NL)VJ Fenno Werkman
      VJ Fenno Werkman is known for his unique and original collection of jazz videos and documentaries. He'll be showing "Soundies and requests" on a big screen in the Expo Foyer two days long!

    • Zule Max (INT)Zule Max 
      12 musical women, 6 nationalities: that is Zule Max! Energetic salsa, guaguanco and cha-cha-cha by an all female latin band with the rich and fiery sound of authentic cuban salsa. Unique in Europe!

    • Latin Jazz & Salsa area

    • Supercharge (GB/DE)Supercharge
      Supercharge has been Europe's most influential Rythm 'n blues, swing and good-time-rock 'n roll band for over 30 years. The leading man is, the bold headed sax player, Albie Donnelly.

    • Peter Mingaars (NL)Peter Mingaars

    • Forum SessionsCafe Forum
      Cafe Forum is a casual and cosy place to be for young and old people, situated in the artistic 'Jekerkwartier' in the centre of Maastricht. Forum is an active organiser of several jazz events throughout the year and will present their own jazz session during MJAZZ Festival.

    • Giovanca (NL)Giovanca
      GIOVANCA, one of the leading dutch jazz singers, will perform at MJAZZ on Saturday evening 8 November 2014 !

    • Georgie Fame (GB) Georgie Fame

    • BluesBones (BE) 
      This Belgium blues rock band received the audience award at the Belgium Blues Challenge 2012. Inspired by Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Walter Trout and Joe Bonamassa, the BluesBones only have one goal: to play blues that gets to your bones! Come listen and be convinced!
    • Laurence Jones Blues band (UK)Laurence Jones
      The young gunslinger of the blues, Laurence Jones, is only 22 years old and already making a big name for himself. Laurence is influenced by Walter Trout, Eric Clapton, Gary Moore, Rory Gallagher and Albert Collins.

    • Smoky Midnight Gang  (B)Smoky Midnight Gang
      Jump, blues, boogie in jazzy style! The Smoky Midnight Gang makes their blues shouter, in Roy Brown and Wynonie Harris style. That's supported with with a powerful rhythm section and screaming sax and trumpet solo's.
    • Mike Sanchez & Band (GB)Mike Sanchez & Band
      Mike Sanchez is one of the most sensational and charismatic performers of the Rhythm & Blues and Rock 'n Roll scene. He'll do his show with the Drew Davies Rhythm Combo from France.

    • Robyn Bennett & Bang Bang (US/FR)Robyn Bennett & Bang Bang
      Robyn Bennett & Bang Bang (US/FR) mixes old-fashioned glamour with new sounds and beats, catchy '30/'40 jazz that will make you want to get up and dance. Put on your dancing shoes!

    • Mrs. Hips (NL)Mrs. Hips
      Shake your hips! Singer Simone Roerade, alias Mrs Hips, goes back to her roots of the soul, blues and groovin' funk music.








    Supercharge has been Europe’s most influential Rhythm ‘n blues, swing en good-time-rock ‘n roll band for over 30 years.  The leading man is, the bold headed sax player, Albie Donnelly.