A good wine arouses emotions


Wine is a singular product. The savour, bouquet and aftertaste are largely determined by the type of grape, climate, soil, location of the vineyards and of course the vintner. Full-bodied red wines with a velvety aftertaste and fresh fruity, dry white wines with a bouquet of apple, pear or tropical fruit. 

Every season, our sommeliers present a wide-ranging selection with great care and attention. They succeed time and again to get the most delicious wines of exceptional quality on the menu. Organic wines are given attention and wines are also selected from the New World. With each dish we recommend the most suitable wine. The wine complements the flavour of a dish (and vice versa) and that ensures the finest taste sensation. 

Our house wine

Our specially selected Syrah (red/rosé) and Chardonnay (white) house wines are Terra Vitis wines. Terra Vitis wines are sustainable quality wines with a great respect for people, nature and the environment. With their great passion for winemaking, the Terra Vitis wine growers in France subject their wines to a strict ecological concept. From the vine to the bottling. According to the critics this results in “"Wines as Bacchus intended!"”.

 ““Terra Vitis, good wine, as pure as nature itself””


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