Our equipe de cuisine

The kitchen has long been the heart of Maison van den Boer. Our ‘equipe de cuisine’ consists of some 100 professionals who prepare the most remarkable dishes every day, both in the kitchen at our headquarters and at the various event locations and even at your home. We would like to introduce you to some of our chefs.
  • Stefan Mars
    Pastry sous-chef
    As a pastry sous-chef with Maison van den Boer, it's my privilege to add the ‘cherry on top’ for all our guests. From gorgeous sweets to polished desserts, from ultra-sleek bonbons to a delicious pastry: I put my whole heart and soul into everything I make.
  • Rob Beerkens
    Chef de partie
    Striving for perfection together with my co-workers, under any and all circumstances, is our shared goal. And taking away our guests’ cares while providing them with a fun, sociable event is our passion. We work with the best and highest-quality products to create the finest dishes imaginable. It’s where perfection and passion come together.
  • Hans Melis
    Product developer
    With the knowledge of a food scientist and the passion of a chef, I make sure that the products I develop are not merely food safe but delicious as well.
  • Hans Veltman
    Executive Chef
    Every day is a high-level competition for me, like a world-class football team. The team in the kitchen has to be balanced: I get creativity from the forwards, the midfielders take care of the process and the backs ensure the balance within the team.

    Good service and hospitality are the keys to this success, they're what we're aiming for with that kitchen team. Only with those aspects can you score that 9 – or even 10 – that you’re after.
  • Joppe Sprinkhuizen
    Chef at P’rooflokaal
    I want to respect the identity of the product, and always look for surprising new combinations of flavours and textures. My goal is to use my love for cooking to surprise and amaze the guests at the P’rooflokaal by giving them a fantastic lunch or dinner experience.
  • Bart Thijssen
    Catering cook
    It has been my great pleasure to work at Maison van den Boer for 16 years now. I think it's because no two days are ever alike!
  • Stefan van Eert
    Catering cook
    What makes this line of work so amazing? It never gets boring. Each new day is another surprise.
  • John van Thiel
    Pastry chef
    Working in the patisserie is always an absolute blast, because we have a great team working together to make the most wonderful desserts and buffets.
  • Jeroen Spijker
    Planning sous-chef
    Being well-prepared is half the battle! To me, developing a sound production process to realise creative ideas is a fantastic challenge, and one from which I take a great deal of satisfaction.
  • Gerrit Lodders
    Chef de partie
    When the guests are enjoying themselves, at whatever location that happens to be, then my mission has been accomplished.
  • Thomas Lukkenaar
    Souschef assortment management
    For me, it’s all about food. Food is the start of the day; it's something to look forward to after a day’s work; it’s a moment of relaxation, or excitement (will the recipe work or not?); it’s a moment that connects people, comforts them; it's a moment of celebration or of happiness (homemade satay) or even sadness (like when my sourdough won't rise). Food is an inspiration and food is fuel; food is nature and food is art. Food is everything; food is my business.
  • Arjan Wouters
    Souschef catering
  • Jarno van Doremalen
    Souschef catering
  • Frans Lemmens
    FoodforCare sous-chef
    Having people enjoy our ‘culinary arts’ every single day. At FoodforCare, I develop dishes especially for various patient groups.

    This gives me the chance to let people really enjoy something tasty. At the same time, those same tasty dishes are chock-full of important nutritional value.
    Which is how our food helps make well-being and recovery possible!
  • Nathalie te Pas
    Catering cook
    Catering should be an Olympic sport! Every event is unique and challenging. Which is what I'm looking for in my job. To get to work with finest products at the most promising locations. Whether we're serving an amazing, luxurious gala dinner or a barbecue at someone's home, we can realise anything you like. That’s the strength of our business!
  • Floris Fokker
    When we, as a team, successfully deliver a peak performance time after time, it gives me a huge boost for the next challenge. Luckily there are plenty of those at Maison van den Boer!
  • Robert Danse
    Sous-chef Development
    Tastes may differ, but whatever your palate craves, we want to surprise you with new textures and combinations. From light and crunchy to soft and rich. Those qualities in all dishes, combined with salty, sweet, bitter sour and umami, yield an explosion of flavour in the mouth. Eating means experiencing with all one’s senses, which is why the dishes are also styled in terms of colour and form.

    This vision is key, but a number of other criteria must also be met, because at Maison van den Boer, the finest products, craftsmanship, pure emotion and ensuring quality and safety are our top priorities. The important questions here are: Where does the product come from? How did it originate with the supplier (traceability)? And how can we make sure our guests can eat and enjoy healthy, responsibly-sourced foods – now and in the future?
  • Raymond Klaassens
    Souschef catering
    For me, the challenge is having the opportunity to help make sure the guests’ special day with us is a big success.

    I get a lot of satisfaction from the positive reactions from our guests; it’s proof that all the little details have fallen into the proper place. My motto is: ours is the best job there is.