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5462 GE Veghel
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As the name suggests P'rooflokaal (the Tasting Room) is a unique location where the chefs, led by Joppe Sprinkhuizen, show their culinary skills in our traditional open kitchen. The latest culinary trends, what the market has to offer and naturally the season’s best all play a role in this.

"Just come and taste the food in our open kitchen!"

P'rooflokaal is located on the top floor of the historic Wiebenga Graansilo at the CHV-Noordkade in Veghel. Within this unique location different ambiances are created where, as a guest, you will be pampered in an industrial setting. A quick lunch, a delicious dinner or just a drink in the lounge area - private or business. Everything is possible in the P'rooflokaal, even organising something yourself. Enjoy the fine dishes on our menu and the beautiful view of Veghel and surroundings from the restaurant and from our P'rooftop rooftop terrace.

The cooking style in the P'rooflokaal is varied and internationally oriented. We use a range of techniques and ingredients from every corner of the world. We let the value of the product shine and we are always looking for surprising combinations of flavours and textures. Guests are surprised and amazed with our love for the culinary art.

At your table, our chef goes over the menu and consults with you whether there are ingredients that you find unappetizing. Our dishes are prepared in a traditional kitchen and may therefore contain traces of allergens.

Exclusive cuisine inspired by the latest culinary trends, surprisingly prepared and served to you so that you may richly enjoy our culinary delights. Sample the refinement and exceptional flavours in a variety of items prepared with passion by our chefs.


Tuesday through Friday:
12:00 - 2:00 p.m.

Tuesday through Saturday:
6:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Closed Sunday and Monday