La Bonbonnière 

Achter de Comedie 1
6211 GZ Maastricht
T +31 (0)433 500 935

A lovely setting in the heart of Maastricht. You will not find sterile conference rooms here, but beautiful rooms where your conference, meeting, presentation, wedding or celebration can become an unforgettable memory. Our objective is to ensure a wonderful event at all times, regardless of your budget. La Bonbonnière offers opportunities for events from 10 to 1,000 guests. You are also welcome in our brasserie, which is open every day.

It is one of the few event venues with such a capacity that has a night license, so your party or event can continue late into the night. There is also all necessary audio-visual support in the building. We assure you of our best efforts to make a success of your event!


The origin of La Bonbonnière goes back to the late 16th century when the Jesuits settled in Maastricht.

Commissioned by Rector Laurentius Tholen, construction of the Jesuit church commenced in 1606 under the leadership of Petrus Huyssens. Construction was completed in 1614. A monastery was built where today the street Achter de Comedie runs, which was demolished in 1787. Only two parts of the monastery have been preserved, Achter de Comedie No. 8 and No. 14.

After several renovations in the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies, and a new staircase in 1973, La Bonbonnière has become what it is today. Since December 1996, La Bonbonnière has been used as a catering operation for corporate events, conferences, weddings, dinners, receptions, staff parties and theatrical performances.