De Doelen 

Kruisstraat 2
3000 AZ - Rotterdam
T +31 (0)10 44 79 444

Concert and Convention Centre de Doelen is the meeting place of choice for a variety of meetings. In the heart of dynamic Rotterdam, it offers an attractive and multifunctional building site for cultural, professional and educational activities.

De Doelen is situated in the cultural and business heart of Rotterdam. The combination of concerts and conferences gives this striking building an exclusive ambiance. Rotterdam. A prestigious world city, famous for its progressive architecture, high-quality university, inspiring culture and its thriving commercial life.

A commercial city and conference destination par excellence. De Doelen is an excellent choice as a meeting place for various gatherings. This is further enhanced by the functionalist architecture of the building and the combination of typical 1960s style and the seamlessly connected modern building of the Convention complex.

- Capacity: 3000 people
- Number of Rooms: 30
- Parking Places: 1000