World Economic Forum

Davos, Zwitserland

For more than four decades the annual World Economic Forum has been held in Davos, Switzerland. The mission of the World Economic Forum (WEF) is to improve the situation in the world. The annual meeting in Davos-Klosters is the main creative force for urging the world's top leaders to initiëren joint activities focused on global issues. This edition was dedicated to health and the fourth industrial revolution.

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is now organising for the 13th year in a row its own hospitality during – and in line with the subject-matter of – the World Economic Forum. WFP is the largest humanitarian front in the fight against hunger worldwide. The distinctive marquee complex where these receptions take place has now been made part of the conference. Maison van den Boer has taken care of all meetings at this location from the beginning. What once began as a dinner for 60 guests has over the years grown into an event with about 2500 guests. Maison van den Boer now also takes care of a variety of dinners, lunches, lectures and meetings at other locations within and around the World Economic Forum.

Last January, a crew of 65 Maison van den Boer employees travelled to Switzerland with three trailers and 10 buses. Each year before the event a special marquee complex is built to receive a broad representation of world leaders and dignitaries; the dignitaries this year included Kofi Annan, Ban Ki Moon, Joe Biden, Jr., Bill Gates, Queen Rania of Jordan and from the Netherlands, Queen Máxima and Prime Minister Mark Rutte, among others.

The activities in Davos are a great and honourable challenge for Maison van den Boer. All ingredients are sourced locally and prepared by 18 chefs. Sustainability is an important theme, in line with the mission of the World Economic Forum. This results in a nice mix of culinary enjoyment and socially responsible catering. For one of the dinners the menu was developed in collaboration with Sam Kass. Sam Kass was formerly a chef in the White House and personal advisor to First Lady Michelle Obama regarding her ‘Let's Move!’ initiative. The menu has been designed so that it is made explicitly clear what the impact of our choices for certain ingredients has on the environment. During the WFP dinner Sam explained this. Deep snow and a winter temperature of -18°C gave this week an extra dimension to the implementation of this international and social project.

January 22, 2016


Chef Jarno van Doremalen and Noud van den Boer explain what is involved in the organisation for the arranging of the annual dinner of the World Food Programme in Davos.

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