SAIL Amsterdam, with the backdrop of the international Tall Ships, is the biggest public event in the Netherlands. Since 1975, SAIL has also become the largest free nautical event in Europe. Every five years, more than 600 ships sail through the North Sea Canal to moor in and around the IJ harbour. SAIL was organised for the ninth time from 19-23 August 2015. 

 We look back on a truly fantastic edition of SAIL. With 2.3 million visitors ... méér more than ever before, beautiful weather and an extraordinary atmosphere which is experienced only once in five years. As SAIL’s event partner in the 2015 edition, Maison van den Boer was able to make a contribution from close quarters.

Hospitality partners

Maison van den Boer, as a Brabant family business, together with Oseven (also part of the Koninklijke Van den Boer Group), Select catering and a Matter of Taste, was united in a specially established joint venture - H2U (Hospitality To You) and as such was responsible for the hospitality and catering during this edition of SAIL.


Unlike other larger public events arranged by Maison van den Boer such as TEFAF and Indoor Brabant, SAIL is logistically distinct because SAIL is not actually one big event, but rather 244 intimate small-scale events consisting of cocktails, dinners and luncheons on the ships. In addition, the hospitality in Sail Village as well as DOCK restaurant was part of our activities. Approximately one and a half years of pre-preparation went into the logistics master plan.


For Maison van den Boer SAIL started in the early morning during the SAIL-IN with the arrival of about 50 ships including several tall ships, DOCK ships and Classic vessels. In the following days, a variety of activities and receptions were scheduled. A total of roughly 25,000 meals were provided by approximately 1,000 fantastic employees, spread out over the 5 days. From a Golden past to a Golden future!

Van Gouden verleden naar gouden toekomst!

August 14, 2015


Look back at SAIL 2015. We enjoyed!

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