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The history of Maison van den Boer has been built on a remarkable mix of creativity and business acumen. In 1906, Gijsbertus van den Boer became the owner of a bakery in Veghel. Today Maison van den Boer considers this to be the launch date of the company, which is still in the hands of the family.

The flavours he brought to the table were appreciated by family and friends. In 1910 he started a pastry shop. In the first decades of the 20th century he also expanded to more and more customers who appreciated his culinary art. This was not all - that someone would cook delicious food and in addition was attentive to the place 'where the food was eaten’, was a creative business noveltyacute;. It marked the start of catering in the Netherlands - on a modest scale, as transport in the 1920s was mainly by cargo bike.

"It marked the start of catering in the Netherlands."

In 1907, the first son, Arnoldus A.M. van den Boer, was born. At age 13, he occasionally worked in the pastry shop, but he soon discovered that he lacked knowledge. He therefore went to work in a number of the country’s leading businesses. In Eindhoven as a volunteer, in Laren (Noord Holland) as 2nd assistant in the pastry shop, in Enschede as 1st assistant in the pastry shop which also delivered meals, in Amsterdam as 1st aide de cuisine, in Tilburg as manager of a pastry and meal delivery business and in 's-Hertogenbosch as tourant cook. There Arnoldus A.M. (Noud) came into contact with the culinary profession and cooking-to-order (catering). He attended several courses in that field and at home in Veghel he began to combine and practice. He bought damask, crystal, china and silverware to create the necessary atmosphere. A lunchroom was opened in 1930 under the new name 'Maison van den Boer'.

In 1937 the lunchroom was modernised and turned into a lunchroom-cafe-restaurant and over time came to be considered the best kitchen in the south. The first major feat of Maison van den Boer in its activity of preparing and delivering dinners took place on 3 August 1934, when dinner was served for 300 people in a tent on the occasion of the 800th anniversary of Heeswijk Abbey. Among the guests were several dignitaries, including the Minister of Defence, the Queen's Commissioner in North Brabant, etc.

"Maison van den Boer: a family business for 4 generations"

After the death of Arnoldus in 1972 Bert van den Boer, the grandson of the founder, ran the company and built it up, qualitatively and quantitatively. It was done with that feeling for the highest level of creativity that characterises the family. Bert van den Boer died in 1989. His executive chair was then occupied by his wife Joke van den Boer and Hein Engelen. Noud van den Boer runs the company today. He will continue the creativity and business acumen of his familial predecessors to provide Maison van den Boer with inspirational impulses.

We have grown from a small family business into a modern hospitality organisation. In 2016, Maison van den Boer celebrates 110 years. In recent years too Maison van den Boer has made some accomplished developments through the creation of Oseven, happening and food, the opening of the P’rooflokaal in Veghel and the start of FoodforCare.



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